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Spice Route Destination adds Another Gem to Its Treasure of Offerings with Sirenia Diamond Jewellery Store

Spice Route Destination is firmly established as a premier destination to experience the Cape’s rich cultural heritage.

The region’s colourful history of artisans is not only celebrated but used as inspiration by the collection of establishments which form part of the Destination today.

Adding another beautiful ingredient to its mixture of exotic experiences, Spice Route Destination’s latest offering, Sirenia, promises to spark diamond lovers’ excitement as they survey some of the world’s finest cut and top quality gems.

The inspiration for the name, ‘Sirenia’, was derived from the Sirens of Greek mythology and the water-based mammals, sirenians, which are believed to be the origin of the mermaid myths. The Sirenia store is designed in such a way that it leaves visitors feeling tranquilly submerged in the ocean, while the beautifully crafted jewellery on display leaves a sense of discovering an underwater treasure trove.

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