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Community Keepers collaborates to care for kids with ‘Most Expensive Burger in Town’ events
Most Expensive Burger In Town

Following on the hugely successful “Most Expensive Burger in Town” event held in Stellenbosch last year, Community Keepers will be collaborating with other local businesses to host three fundraiser events this year.


The first event will be hosted at Overture Restaurant (Stellenbosch) on 28 September. The second is at Upstairs on Bree (Cape Town) on 13 October 2016. They are also adding the ‘Most Expensive Tea in Town’ at Lanzerac Wine Estate (Stellenbosch) in November.


Community Keepers is a non-profit organisation established in 2008. They offer professional psychological and social services at schools in the Stellenbosch and Cape Town areas.

Most Expensive Burger In Town

The fundraiser events support the Community Keeper school-based services, which aims to assist learners, parents and teachers to deal with emotional challenges. These challenges often hinder children from being able to optimally utilize the educational opportunities offered by schools. The Community Keepers programme and service are delivered by qualified professionals, including counsellors, psychologists and social workers.


“At Community Keepers we aim to improve the social and emotional well-being of learners and create supportive school communities where learning and development can prosper,” said Community Keepers CEO Philip Geldenhuys.


Geldenhuys completed a BA degree in Social Work and an MA degree in Social Work (cum laude) at Stellenbosch University. He is a registered social worker and is also studying part-time towards a PhD degree in Social Development at the University of Cape Town. He was involved with the establishment of Community Keepers in 2008, and was subsequently appointed as Chief Executive Officer.


“By caring for the social and emotional well-being of learners, we hope to contribute towards their educational development and their overall performance,” he added.


According to Geldenhuys the “Most Expensive Burger in Town” events provide a platform for entrepreneurs and creatives to use their skills and resources to make a difference in their local communities. “They have the opportunity to do what they do best, in collaboration with like-minded friends and acquaintances, to put together an outstanding event that has a positive impact,” he added.


Purchasing a ticket for any of the ‘Most Expensive Burger in Town’ events is an investment in a child’s future. The ticket also includes a gourmet hamburger (prepared by Bertus Basson in Stellenbosch and Johnny Hamman in Cape Town), quality wine, locally brewed craft beer and artisan ice cream. These treats are sponsored by the Community Keepers partners and sponsors.


‘Most Expensive Burger in Town’ details:

When: 28 September 2016 (Stellenbosch) / 13 October 2016 (Cape Town)
Where: Overture Restaurant (Stellenbosch) / Upstairs on Bree (Cape Town)
Time: 18:30  for 19:00
Ticket price: R 650, available on iTickets (See tickets sales links on website)

Dress code: Smart casual

Bertus Basson

Highlights of the events include: Quality food and drinks, a stunning venue, raffles and an entertaining charity auction with an array of creative lots going under the hammer. Meeting like-minded, young, working adults from the Stellenbosch and Cape Town communities is an added bonus.


The team responsible for organizing ‘The Most Expansive Burger in Town’ events includes Found Collection, Okasie, Schoon, Hawk & Schoon, The Pretty Blog, Plus Plus Minus and Elsa Fourie (Projects & Events).


The sponsors involved with both events are Bertus Basson, Overture, Fanakalo, Hatch Communications, Darren Bester Photography, Claremart Auction Group, From Scratch Editing, Johnny Hamman, Slippery Spoon Kitchen, Legado Coffee Roasters, Fanny Chanel Ice-Cream, Skep Studios, Movepretty, Patatsfontein Wine, Cybercellar.com, Christine Meintjes, Total Revolution Fitness, Birdcage Teabar, Marie Stander, Buttanutt, Overgaauw, Alheit Family Vineyards and Myuzu.

Most Expensive Burger In Town

About Community Keepers

In 2008, a group of Christian professionals from the social and corporate sectors came together with a collective concern for the well-being of South African communities, especially children and the youth. Schools were identified as centres from where children and the youth could be served and research was conducted to determine the relevant needs, problems and resources within local schools. Data from this research laid the foundation for the development of our unique model for school-based services, piloted in 2009 at one Stellenbosch school and since rolled out to more schools and communities. With this in mind, we are confident that we’re contributing towards the overall aim of the South African National Development Plan, to address poverty and reduce inequality in our country by the year 2030.


Community Keepers contact details:

Tel.: +27 21 882 8675 / Email: info@communitykeepers.org

Website: https://communitykeepers.org/

Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Community-Keepers 179785585515234/

Twitter: @communitykeeper


2016 Most Expensive Burger Sponsors

Bertus Basson: http://www.bertusbasson.com/

Overture: http://www.dineatoverture.co.za/

Fanakalo: http://fanakalo.co.za/

Hatch: http://hatchco.co.za/

Darren Bester: http://darrenbester.co.za/

Claremart: http://www.claremart.co.za/

Legado: http://legadocoffee.com/

FannyChanel Ice Cream: http://www.decompanje.co.za/

Skep Studios: http://skepstudio.co.za/skep/

Movepretty: http://www.movepretty.co.za/

Patatsfontein Wine: http://winemag.co.za/patatsfontein-chenin-blanc-2014/

Cybercellar.com: http://www.cybercellar.com/

Christine Meintjes: http://www.christinemeintjes.com/

Total Revolution Fitness: http://www.totalrevolution.co.za/

Birdcage Teabar: https://birdcageteabar.com/

Johnny Hamman: http://nothambutman.com/

Slippery Spoon Kitchen: http://nothambutman.com/slippery-spoon-kitchen/

Marie Stander: http://www.mariestander.co.za/

Buttanutt Tree nut spreads: http://www.buttanutt.co.za/