Hatch Communication
Linton Park Rhino Conservation

Hatch was commissioned by Linton Park Estate outside Wellington, a new client, to initiate a media event strategy ‘with a difference’ for the launch of the estate’s commitment and donation of R 50 000 to support the preservation of the rhino.

Here, Dan Fenton of the Ngala Lodge near the Kruger National Park and well-known champion of the ‘Rhinos Without Borders’ campaign, contracted by Hatch as guest-of-honour, shares his rhino expertise with a group of 30 media and other guests amidst Linton Park’s historical Renosterveld.

Linton Park, with a founding history dating back to 1699, has a sensitive eco-system area on the estate commonly known as Renosterveld.

This distinctive South African type of veld which is very much under threat, was the main reason for Linton Park looking at preservation on a wider scale and consequently getting involved with the preservation of the rhino, considered to be very much part of South Africa’s unique cultural heritage.

The donation of R 50 000 was made possible by sales of the estate’s ’Rhino’ wine range during the previous financial year. Linton Park also took hands with the local Hugo Rust Primary School in their fundraising drive. After a talk and slide show by Dan Fenton, the 600 pupils of the school participated in an enthusiastic coin laying event to raise an additional amount of R 5 000 for the ‘Rhinos Without Borders’ campaign.

The media loved the discovery of Linton Park as ‘the undiscovered gem of the Cape Winelands’ and coverage on social, online, traditional and radio of      R 500 000 was achieved!