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Only 2 in 10 Matrics can study on campuses in 2017

After the release of the 2016 Matric results on 5 January 2017, questions regarding future generations’ academic prospects remain a major concern for South Africans.

“With an estimated two in ten Matrics expected to be accepted at SA campuses for the 2017 academic year, it’s certain that low acceptance rates are becoming more of a reality today”, says Stiaan Klue, Executive Dean and chief executive officer of The Tax Faculty, South Africa’s leading tax body that has collaborated with the University of South Africa (UNISA).

“However, aspiring learners do not have to ‘shut down’ their short or long term academic goals. Alternative learning opportunities such as virtual courses offer advanced, interactive environments without the delays and daily challenges experienced on campuses”. Klue is also the founder and former chief executive officer of the South African Institute for Tax Professionals (http://www.thesait.org.za), the largest community of tax professionals in the country.