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Opt for the Best Sustainably Sourced Meat for Your Festive Table with Boschendal at Oude Bank

Boschendal at Oude Bank in Stellenbosch understands the seriousness that surrounds the holiday season.

In addition to its rotational sit-down menus and fresh take-home produce, the establishment also offers a festive season favourite: it’s carefully selected 100% grass-fed meat sourced from the Franschhoek-based Boschendal Farm.

If you’re looking for handy DIY red meat selection tips for the holidays, butcher Rainer Raschbichler, gives the following advice to help you raise the ‘stakes’ at your dining occasions:

Spot the Difference:
It can be easy to overlook the signs of meat that has passed its expiry date. “The colour is a dead giveaway,” says Rainer. “Bright red means that it’s filled with bad preservatives and other products to make it last longer. Meat should change colour over a few days to oxidise and change to a deeper red colour.” It can also be a good idea to avoid discoloured blood in the packaging (pale greys).

Prefer a longer shelf life? Opt for vacuum packed cuts for longer, naturally lasting products.

For store enquiries, contact 021 870 4287 or follow @boschendalatoudebank on Facebook and Instagram.