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Limbik is a strategic brand, digital, design and online media agency that offer clients tailor-made turnkey solutions. Their philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that no-one discipline can live in isolation. Limbik believes in crafting cross-discipline creative strategies from an in-depth understanding and analysis of commercial objectives.



Skript strategically connects brands to their target market(s) by creating compelling, narrative driven content. They specialise in professional animation and video production. With Skript it’s all about the art of storytelling, enabling businesses and brands to communicate their offering in a effective, emotive and meaningful way.



NetBooster is a leading independent international agency in digital performance marketing that makes its comprehensive expertise of digital marketing available to our clients for them to achieve the best possible performance of their investments with full transparency! – it’s all about bringing the right message to the right people at the right time.

NetBooster invests in technology and covers the entire chain of online marketing from SEO, CRO, data and analytics (DnA), AdWords and Display, affiliation, online media, CRM/CEM social Media, Video, Ad Exchange, etc. to the creative and technical development of campaigns and platforms.