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Pre-planning content legs into a corporate conference

One of our clients, Nation Builder, recently hosted their third annual In Good Company Conference. Apart from finally catching a celebrity selfie with Michael Mol (the conference MC) – #insidejoke – and Majozi (musical guest of the day) – #fangirls/guys – we learned a whole lot about how valuable well-curated conferences are for developing rich social media and PR content plans.

The theme of the conference was What South Africa can teach the world – a challenging and inspiring topic to engage with within the current national narrative. The line-up of expert speakers presented cutting edge insights on topics ranging from “The power of partnerships between young activists and business in SA” to a heated debate around “Reimagining the future of SA”.

The conference presentations were all recorded, and reported on in article format, now available to read on their blog.

From an integrated communication planning perspective, the conference (and the phenomenal insights shared by the speakers), generated a large amount of rich content for all of their platforms, that now reaches way beyond just the people who attended the half-day event. We could delve into the rich content, and schedule it for the month post-conference to engage with their social media audiences in digestible chunks. See Nation Builder’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.

The conference also provided fresh opportunities for partner-content to feature during a weekly “Nation Builder” interview that they host on a campus radio station, as well as providing article topics for a content partnership that they have with a regional newspaper. #contentwithlegs #welove

Here are some of the things they did really well to pre-plan post-conference “media legs” into the design of the day:

  • Had an online portal ready where the conference content could live on.
  • Briefed a professional photographer on the types of shots and angles required for the photos taken.
  • Made sure the photographs were available on the day / immediately after the event for media distribution.
  • Appointed a conference “journalist” to not just transcribe the talks, but report on them in a sharable online article format.
  • Had a hashtag that can be used to extend the conversation beyond the conference. #buildSA
  • Planned the conference content into the social media schedule for the weeks post event.

We also really enjoyed working closely with Bread & Butter Design and Stone for this event.

When months of late nights and a massive team effort goes into the planning and hosting of an event or conference, it is really important to make sure that the content of the conference reaches its full potential, and that it continues to live long after the choir has sung the last notes of the national anthem …