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Rugani Juice packs a nutritious punch with a helping hand during World Hunger Month

How often do you utter the words “I’m hungry!” in one day? Once, three times perhaps? Most of the time you just open your lunch box, your refrigerator or step into a supermarket or restaurant to still your hunger or to fill your shopping basket.

But how often in those moments do we spare a thought for the 6.8 million South Africans who experience real hunger on a daily basis and do not feed their families with nutritious meals because they cannot afford it or do not have access to nutritious food.  

Let’s start by defining food security. According to Oxfam this is when all people at all times have access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to meet their dietary needs for an active and healthy lifestyle. 

Consider that the latest statistics posted by Stats SA in May 2019 claim that up to 20% of South African households has inadequate or severe inadequate access to food, in other words 20% of South African households are considered hungry.  

With that said, 28 May marks World Hunger Day, which is why during the month of May consumers who can afford to buy nutritious food are given the opportunity to support those who can’t, in some small way.

To both raise awareness and support the cause, Food Lovers Market is donating 1% of their turnover achieved on 28 May to FoodForward SA. FoodForward SA is a charity partner that provides meals to people in need at a cost of 90c a meal. In addition, for every 3kg bag of Rugani Carrots or a 750ml Rugani Veggie Juice, among other brands, sold at Food Lovers Market, another 90c per product will be subsidised to this goal during the month of May.

Owner of Rugani and agricultural economist, Vito Rugani, says: “Let’s face it, South Africa is rooted in a deeply complicated past marred by staggering unemployment. Poverty-stricken households lack money just to buy or produce their own food.  At Rugani, we know we can’t possibly begin to claim that we can easily solve world hunger. But what we can do is to raise awareness of affordable nutrient-rich food and raise funds for meals by encouraging consumers of all income levels to serve their families the most nutrient-rich food. 

This year’s world-wide World Hunger Day theme is The Sustainable End of Poverty. We are reminded that we cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that nutrition is the key to human well-being. 

Rugani says: “In resonating with this year’s theme, we proudly agree that the sustainable delivery of food is a must to alleviate hunger. In fact, it is our reason for existing. We capture and extract the life force (nutrition) of real carrots and other vegetables contained in our juice within the golden hour through a sophisticated and technologically driven extraction process, which is why we harvest at sunrise and package by sunset.”

“In turn, we deliver a juice rich in cis-beta-carotene, which is a remarkable but rare-to-preserve form of beta-carotene. The body uses this to make Vitamin A to ensure normal vision, a healthy immune system, healthy skin and much more,” says Rugani. “Simply put, this is the type of beta-carotene that is most easily absorbed by the body, but only two to four percent of total beta-carotene can be found in vegetables. Our extraction and pasteurisation process goes on to convert trans-beta-carotene into cis-beta-carotene during the juice making process.”

During your next grocery run at Food Lover’s Market, pick up the carrot or beetroot juice and add it to your basket knowing that this particular juice is a great source of this rare nutrient. But more than the nutritional benefit you’ll be getting, with each juice pack you purchase during the month of May, you make nutrition count for someone who needs it!  

Want to know more about the veggie extract revolution, visit www.ruganijuice.co.za.