Public Relations

So your brand or company has a website, a Facebook and Twitter account and maybe even a blog or newsletter where you publish all your company and brand news. You may even have a PR company writing and distributing your press releases to traditional media. But how do you get all these platforms to work together?

At Hatch Communication we aim to make the most of each and every piece of brand communication and content available. We seek innovative ways of repurposing this content and distributing it to your target market through all the channels available to us. Are you simply pitching that press release to media, or can you turn it into a video, Facebook post or trade newsletter?

We make sure you get the most out of all your communication efforts!

Public Relations

Social Media

PR, social media, influencer marketing and content marketing all benefit from one another when they are properly integrated, something that’s hard to manage when you have multiple agencies and internal teams.

Content from PR can be repurposed on social media and in newsletters, just as e.g. sponsorship opportunities can open up scope for influencer activity, and it is this linking of services that are much easier to achieve with an integrated communications agency, like Hatch.

The very nature of integrated communications means that information is shared much more freely, by client, and internally in the agency and work is streamlined across departments, the results benefiting the brand, saving the client’s valuable time and ultimately assists in delivering more high-quality, cost-efficient content to your target audience.


  • Newsletters
  • Brochures
  • Profiles
  • Press releases



  • Media liaison
  • Media drops
  • Media visits
  • Evaluating advertising requests
  • Managing media databases
  • Identifying media opportunities
  • Pitching stories to media


  • Managing Sponsorships
  • Identifying sponsorship opportunities
  • Managing events
  • Event listings



  • Monthly and annual reporting
  • Brand and competitor research