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Be the happiest you | an insight from our high achievers

By Sunet Schoonees

At the end of each year we seem to be faced with the same old rhetoric – that the year was long! This rhetoric also seems to divide the working population into two types of people. The first reaches December, with days to spare before their long-awaited annual leave starts, sighs an elongated, but often not an eloquent, sigh and exclaims to anyone inquiring after their well-being: “I am just so tired. I can’t wait for a break from it all soon.”

One the other hand, highly successful individuals such as the Richard Bransons of the world (we bet!) typically looks back at the year that was and proudly exclaims in a beating-his-chest-kind-of-way, and in a curated post on his personal blog and social media channels (which we may add are followed by millions around the world), that this was yet again a landmark year. He’d recount just how yet again he shattered his own ceiling, achieved rocket science and helped save the planet with his team of carefully chosen fellow high achievers who all worked tirelessly, but passionately, to see his dreams come to fruition.

Hatch insight

Here at Hatch, we get the high achievers. In fact, we work with them every day. High achievers are our clients – you, each running your business unit with so much dedication to achieve the best and be the best. We proudly and passionately celebrate your stellar perception in the industry, as well as your commendable results and sales figures.

High achievers are our fellow Hatchlings, working fervently by your side to achieve results and make our clients look their best. Truth be told, we like to think that we care the most about our clients’ work.

High achievers are our media and influencer partners, who each has to work harder and harder, year after year, as the industry gets even more technologically sophisticated and the competition to stand out more cut-throat.

2019 was THE year in Hatch’s history where we were bluntly reminded of something that we all know deep down: success in business will come and go, but when the economic and political going gets tough, people often run the risk of losing their happiness, their mojo. Before we reach the finish line of the rat race to success, you actually run the risk of becoming unbalanced. Unstrung. Raffled.

This year, we became increasingly aware of the type that feels like life is a rickety raft.

Hatching a memorable event

With the aim of treating our clients to a breakfast draped in Hatch flair, and ensuring we leave a lasting imprint on 2019, the team set out to plan an event that will be remembered. The winelands-elegance of the restaurant at Blaauwklippen, Hamm & Uys Eatery stirred up personal connection, chatter and old-fashion personal conversation.

The scrumptious catering was second to none. Have you ever seen breakfast trout dramatically being presented on smoking logs?

But the memorable part was an inspiring presentation by one-of-a-kind life coach and mentor to professionals – Louis Fourie, co-owner of The Logic Filter, or as we like to refer to him – the gentle soul whisperer.

The birth of a balanced YOU

In his soft and gentle nature, Louis left us with a bold message to ponder: “Happiness is when you are in harmony with yourself and the life you choose to live.”

His somewhat hard-hitting truths and antidotes mesmerized the audience. It was clear that we are raised to live in a culture that teaches us to be successful and achieves evermore. But he added that this same culture neglects to wisely guide us in the cultivation of our happiness.

We are perfectly trained in how to perform well, he said, but so many of us struggle just to BE well. “People live longer and healthier lives than ever before due to medical advances, but at the same time, we are happy to put our own happiness on the back burner. It is the contradiction of our time.”

In the words of Yul Brynner in The King and I, it is a ‘puzzlement’!

In closing off an interesting 2019, all of us at Hatch have particularly reflected on the message brought to us by the inspiring Louis Fourie: “Happiness is a particular way of existence. It is about being calm, content, settled and rooted, while pursuing your goals.”

Our wish for all is that the 2020s will reveal that it is not about living a perfect life, but in quoting the words of Louis in his book Cultivating My Happiness “that it is a matter of prioritising the ingredients of peaceful living – and accepting that it takes hard work to integrate these priorities into your everyday life.”

Have a blessed and HAPPY festive December! We can’t wait to make meaningful connections with you in 2020 and beyond.

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