The Team


Our team is as diverse as the brands we represent, with each team member contributing unique and invaluable qualities and skills to our overall offering. The team consists of a group of strategists, PR, communication and social media specialists, who possess a wealth of big brand experience. Here’s your opportunity to get to know us a bit better.

Diani - Founder and CEO

Diani Smit, the CEO and Founder of Hatch Communication is a seasoned expert with over two decades of experience in marketing and communications. Under her leadership, Hatch has flourished, dedicated to building brands and fostering genuine relationships. Diani’s business ethos, deeply rooted in consistent, value-aligned actions and strategic planning, has cultivated lasting partnerships with many esteemed local and international brands. Beyond the boardroom, her commitment to personal growth and finding joy in life’s simple pleasures mirrors her professional journey, reflecting a dedication to continuous learning and innovation.

Hestelle - COO

Conceptualisation, creation, strategising, mentoring – these are all the ways through which Hestelle breathes life into her brands and her team. With her can-do attitude, she is constantly researching new ways to build and maintain brand identity and following. Always at the forefront of brand insights and digital developments, allows for continual innovation and improvement and meticulous objective analysis when reporting back to client. From communication strategising to event co-ordination, Hestelle can be found engaged in any means of client service at any given time. Her background in Psychology helps her to understand the way customers relate to brands and ideas, and how best to communicate her clients’ values and objectives to them. 

Jonathan - Account Director

With almost a decade of experience managing Hatch Communication’s wine portfolio (and a further 12 years in the wine industry), Jonathan has taken on managing our B2B client portfolio. He brings a wealth of public relations, customer liaison, and marketing experience to the role. No stranger to creative and strategic campaign development and implementation, he offers expert involvement that spans all aspects of brand identity and awareness management. Motivated by innovative new ways of expressing client messages, Jonathan draws on his experience working across social, print and online platforms to craft flexible yet identifiable voices for his brands. His ability to work well with individuals and groups across various industries and inclinations makes him a highly valued collaborator on any project.

Mariette - Office Manager

Meet Mariette, the heart of hospitality at Hatch. With her extensive experience spanning customer service, retail, and sales, Mariette ensures every visit to our office is met with the warmest of welcomes. Her passion for challenges makes her an invaluable asset, as she approaches each project, big or small, with unmatched dedication and meticulous care. Mariette’s love for public relations and client service, combined with her diverse skill set, makes her an indispensable part of the Hatch family. Whether nurturing client relationships or spearheading initiatives, Mariette’s commitment to excellence shines in everything she does.

Alida - Financial Manager

Introducing Alida, our exceptional finance fundi at Hatch. With a career spanning over three decades, Alida brings a wealth of experience to our team, having honed her skills at prestigious firms like Young & Rubicam and Bates 141. Her deep understanding of client needs and the inner workings of large companies empowers her to streamline financial structures and processes, perfectly balancing client satisfaction with our own creative culture.

Bianca - Account Manager

Introducing Bianca. Her custom-tailored approach to every task showcases her unique creativity and meticulous attention to detail. With a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing from the Stellenbosch University, Bianca is not only a skilled digital marketer and social media strategist but also a visionary in content creation and paid media. Fearless and driven, she is happiest when infusing campaigns with her distinctive flair, transforming visions into impactful realities.

Tamryn - Account Manager

This friendly, creative and professional Jo’burg lady, has hands-on experience in PR and marketing within the lifestyle and beauty industry. Tamryn has a strong network of connections and relationships with some of  South Africa’s top influencers, celebrities and press. Tamryn is known for her ability to blend creative strategies with effective communication, ensuring that each campaign is visually appealing and strategically sound. Her belief in delivering more than what’s expected drives her to constantly push boundaries in PR, making her an indispensable asset to the Hatch team and a driving force behind our clients’ successes.

Jordan - Account Executive

Originally from Dubai, Jordan moved to South Africa to complete his studies, achieving a High Certificate and Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing & Management Sciences. Jordan manages several accounts and has a specific passion for Paid Media. He values good service and dedication above all else and can always be relied on to get the job done. His experience includes client service, social media content creation and management as well as paid media management.

Nikki - Account Director

Nikki is an Account Director with experience in eCommerce both agency and client-side and is well versed in driving audiences down the conversion funnel with a unique understanding of what captures and connects with them along the way.

She is a graduate of Stellenbosch University and holds a BA Language and Culture degree with majors in applied linguistics and psychology.