Hatch Communication
Box It Like A Boss

It’s no secret that at Hatch headquarters we love beautifully curated media. Here’s why…

In an already cluttered market, standing out head and shoulders has become more challenging than ever before. Consumers devour data, information and images faster than before. Making a statement, gaining awareness and encouraging engagement takes some serious creativity.

Often the concept of a media drop was mainly based on the needs of the brand and its key messages, which are very important – don’t get me wrong. However, communicating with your audience, your consumers, in a personalised way is part of being a consumer brand. And it needs to be part of a brand’s strategy on how they showcase their product as a solution to a need that consumers might have. Demonstrating how it fits into their lives in a beautiful Instagrammable and thoughtful manner of creating what we call ‘meaningful content’!

When a media drop is thought through with careful consideration, it is personal and naturally Instagrammable. Complementing the product and its key messages, it filters through to the fanbase or readership of the influencer or media.

Recently, our team designed an exciting media drop concept for our client, @home, called #GiveALittleMagic.

The objective? To inform their audience that @home has the perfect festive gifting solution for just about anyone you know and love.

The brief was to conceptualise an influencer outreach campaign that communicates the above key message to the @Home audience leading up to Christmas.

The team immediately got to work and came up with a well-researched, personalised and beautifully Instagrammable media drop concept as the tool to communicate @home’s key message. Our team carefully researched and narrowed the target list down to 20 unique and personalised drops, each consisting of specific @home products, which were carefully selected to match the recipients’ lifestyle, career, favourite colour and their Instagram feed.

Each unique package was made up and hand-delivered by our team. Each influencer was given a specific date on which to open their gifts in the days leading up to Christmas. On their allocated day, they were asked to share the unboxing of the @home package with their following on Instagram, creating awareness of the many @home gifting ideas. Included in the drop was an @home voucher, which they could share with their following, loved ones or spoil themselves and #GiveALittleMagic.

The #GiveALittleMagic drops were well-loved, well-received and objectives met. The campaign reached over 730 000 individuals during the festive season.

Here are six reasons why curated product drops works time after time:

  • It generates awareness
  • Brands achieve reach beyond existing brand platforms and audiences
  • It creates the opportunity to engage with the media/influencers who speak to a shared or potential audience
  • It communicates key brand messages in a personalised way
  • It serves as a practical display or demonstration on how to use the product
  • It encourages engagement and talkability