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We are looking for International Wine & Travel Influencers and Journalists

Welcome, Storytellers of the Globe – Whether You’re an Influencer or a Journalist!

Every sip and step tells a story in the exciting world of wine and travel. Are you a journalist covering the vibrant cultures and exquisite wines of Australia, Spain, France, New Zealand, Switzerland, Germany, Argentina, Portugal, the United States, Chile, or Italy? Or perhaps you’re an influencer capturing these essences through your unique lens? Content Colab invites you to join our international media database.

We seek journalists who bring depth, insight, and global perspectives to their narratives. This is your chance to engage with an audience that shares your passion and to collaborate with leading brands in the wine and travel industry.

We are looking for:

  • Passionate Journalists and Influencers: Your wine and travel expertise makes you stand out.
  • Storytellers with a Unique Voice: Whether through articles, blogs, or social media posts, your unique perspective is our treasure.
  • Cultural Curators: Share the beauty of your local and global travels and wine experiences.


How to Join: Reach out to us at colab@hatchco.co.za with “International Media Database – [Your Country]” as your subject.

Please include:

  • A brief introduction about your background.
  • Links to your work, publications, or social media.
  • Samples of your work showcasing your expertise in wine and travel.

Email us now at colab@hatchco.co.za.