Hatch Communication
Everybody counts

Everybody is counting.

Some are counting the number of lockdown days.

Children; counting sleeps until Easter or when they will be able to play in the street and see their friends again.

Adults; the number on their paycheck or paychecks remaining.

Businesses; the months, weeks and days they will still be able to service their clients or pay their staff.

For some; counting the last of what’s left to eat.


We ask ourselves numerous questions about the disease and how fast it will spread. Will the numbers grow or plateau?

Our minds are calculating every possible scenario and our hearts skip a beat every time we look at the stats or news.

We get bombarded with numbers in all aspects and on all platforms.


We all juggle multiple responsibilities, some old and some new.

Between the to-do lists, have to-do lists, homeschooling activities and paycheck worries.

Numbers seem more important today than ever before.

But the most important things don’t have a number.


What’s most important at the end of the day is,

when the world we once knew is safe to live in again,

we can say we made it count.

That we were present.

We didn’t count down the days to return to our “old-normal”, but we made every day count as we build on and support our community in creating the best possible “new-normal”.


Our post-lockdown world will never be the same again.

Challenge yourself today to re-evaluate, adapt and build on change.

Who are you connecting with when it matters most?

Don’t count down days or rely on the numbers to give you clarity, support or comfort.


Some days won’t count (they might be tough to get through) but the people in those days will.

Whether you are in clients service, working for a well-known brand, climbing the corporate ladder, stay-at-home or self-employed.

YOU count.

Support and accept support.

Reach out, share resources.

Resolve and communicate.

Collaborate, don’t compete.

Don’t go silent or neglect long-standing relationships with employees, suppliers or clients because of a crisis.

They are in this too.


While everybody else is counting,

make everybody count.


By:  Hestelle Pretorius – Hatch Communication Account Director