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It’s no surprise that the rise of social media has made way for inventive marketing strategies that are here to stay. For a while now, we have advocated that it is in the best interest of our clients and their brands, to collaborate with our experienced friends in the influencer sphere – content creators who expertly use their storytelling skills to introduce brands to their fellow ‘friends’.

We believe in the impact that influencer collaborations can have on generating revenue and that it can indeed entrench audiences in a brand world. We are excited to introduce the Hatch Content Collab Community, designed to highlight influencers’ strengths, niche interests, channels, and services to better collaborate with and reach potential audiences.

If you want to work with our Content Collab Community, speak to your Account Director to make the most of this service.

If you are a content creator or work in the “influencer-sphere”, sign-up here to join our Content Collab Community.