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Remembering 5 years of Hatch with Grand Master Kevin Horsley

As part of the celebrations of our 5th birthday, we were empowered with memory enhancement strategies in a workshop presented by Grand Master Kevin Horsley on 13 July. Kevin is an International Professional Speaker, Grandmaster of Memory, and World Record Holder. His book, Unlimited Memory, is a Wall Street Journal Bestseller, and a #1 Amazon International Bestseller in nonfiction. It has been translated into seven languages including French, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Ukranian and Lithuanian. Kevin assists organizations in improving their focus, learning, productivity, motivation, creativity, and thinking.

Ask any Hatchling to name all 45 Presidents of the USA … or the Hatch values, principles and our Vision2020. We are excited about being given the tools to improve our memory and the confirmation that you can do anything you apply your mind to!