Hatch Communication
Rhythm, the heartbeat of your business and your brand

“Little things done consistently add up to big results.” Jim Kwik

The word Rhythm comes from the Greek word, “Rhythmos,” meaning any regular recurring motion. Rhythm also has origins from another Greek word, “Rheîn,” meaning to flow. The origins of the word rhythm describe it perfectly!

Rhythms are a natural part of our life. We are all familiar with the rhythm of nature, the cycle of the seasons and the movement of days into nights into days. It is this predictability, this rhythm, that provides a framework for our lives. The consistency and predictability reassure us.

I often explain to clients, successful businesses are built on rhythm and similarly, they need a rhythm for the communication and marketing aspects too, a communication heartbeat.

Through sustained effort and consistent application, this rhythm gets embedded in the business, the people, and all marketing activities, whilst optimising budget and marketing efforts.

By creating and incorporating these regular rhythms, it makes a massive difference to the day-to-day functioning of your business and ensures an unparalleled growth trajectory over time.

Rhythm is everything in business. Whether it is the regularity of communication, monthly meetings, daily huddles – you have to optimise the rhythm of your business and brand. This needs careful management, sustained effort, and consistent application.

“Goals without routines are wishes; routines without goals are aimless.”

Diani Smit