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Your 2022 Instagram Guide

Stepping out of the box and into an Instagram Square in 2022

Today we are “Reel” -ing in on one of our favourite social media channels: Instagram. With ever-changing algorithms, Instagram is an App few can truly master. We, however, had a look at a few Instagram trends and tricks for 2022 that we feel are worth double-tapping. We also evaluated a few tips on working with the Instagram algorithm rather than against it. 

The Instagram Algorithm. Before we move in on the fun stuff – it’s essential that everyone understand where it all began – The Algorithm. The Cambridge Dictionary defines an algorithm as: “A set of mathematical instructions or rules that, especially if given to a computer, will help to calculate an answer to a problem”. 

We use algorithms in everything we do – this includes Instagram. This sneaky little math equation can be the reason why your post shows up (or doesn’t show up) on your follower’s feeds. According to Instagram, in 2022, four key factors will influence the Instagram algorithm, specifically for feed posts (Stories and Reels have different variables – but we’ll save those for another day).

The Instagram algorithm calculates how likely someone is to interact with a post based on the points below. It then calculates a ‘score of interest’, determining how posts display on someone’s feed. 

Four factors that influence post display:

  1. Information about the post – this includes details like: How many likes does the post have? Is it a video or photo? And when was it posted?
  2. How often do people engage with your content? Are you their friend? How attractive is your content to them?
  3. Your Interaction History is another crucial factor, which refers to how you typically comment or like other users’ posts. 
  4. Your Activity. With what type of content do you usually engage? Do you tend to view more videos or posts? 


Now that we understand the algorithm, we can look at what may help you benefit from it.

Your 2022 Instagram Guide

1. Spend more time creating less content (yes, less is more). Brands often ask “quality or quantity” when posting on social media. Even though social media does not follow a “one-size-fits-all approach”, research has found that creating content that stands out and provides value tends to be better than posting too much and not getting engagement. Not only will you be serving your audience better, but the Instagram algorithm will also favour you. 


2. Cross-Promote your Instagram content. Your quick and easy engagement boosting hack! As Instagram is growing, the number of channels you can post on is also increasing. Users can choose between Stories, Guides, Feed Posts, and Instagram Reels. You can strategically use content to drive audiences to your most recent content by cross-posting on the different publishing channels. Cross-posting could be as simple as sharing a short snippet of your newest Reel to your feed or posting your latest Instagram Guide to your story. 


3. Manage your communities, community managers! Like most things mid-and-post pandemic, customer services have become increasingly digitalised. According to a survey by Nielsen and Facebook, 64%of users said that they prefer to message a business on social media rather than call them. It is thus utterly important that when contacted by users through social media, the service provided is impeccable. Customer care can either massively increase the value of a brand or can break it.


4. Reels…for reals. With TikTok’s exponential growth, Instagram is working hard to keep up. Enter: Reels. These 15-second videos are a great way to reach as many people as possible. Sharing your Reel on the Instagram Explore page will provide you with even more exposure. 


5. Start conversations with captivating captions. One of our biggest goals on Instagram is driving engagement. Instagram has confirmed that for 2022, likes and comments play an important role in post feed raking. It is thus essential to encourage as much engagement as possible on posts. So, how do we do this? Write captions that drive engagement! Including a Call-to-action in your captions is a fool-proof way to drive engagement. Achieve this by asking followers to share thoughts by visiting the link in your bio, to like or asking them to share it with their friends.


6. #AnOldyButAGoody. Hashtags have been popular since the dawn of time (#DinosoursHaveMoreFun). Hashtags are an effective way to reach more people on Instagram. Having a hashtag strategy in place is thus crucial to the success of your posts. A study by Later found that having 30 hashtags in your posts is likely to get (on average) the highest level of engagement. It is essential to make sure your hashtags remain relevant to your post.


7. Why aren’t you taking Meme seriously? Did you know that evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins coined the word ‘meme’? Dawkins used the word “Meme” in his 1967 book The Selfish Gene to explain how ideas evolve and are shared across different cultures. Memes are so much more than just a good laugh. They can be a powerful tool to connect and build online communities. Memes encourage engagement, help you go viral, and assist your brand in being more relatable to your audiences. 

Brands on social media do not share a one-size-fits-all approach, so it remains crucial that you follow strategies that work for your unique brand. 

Written by: Jancke Bouwer