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Creating meaningful connections in a changing media landscape

As featured on Bizcommunity: 18-2020


Is your business to business and business to consumer storytelling as nimble as it should be? If 2020 has you reconsidering the effectiveness of your brand’s storytelling, you have every right to do soThe whole world seemed to have changed, and it seems to keep changing a million times over this year. And for brands, it will likely continue to evolve faster and in more intricate ways than we ever imagined. Closely linked to these changes is the recent brutal changes the media industry has faced.  

Closely linked to these changes is the recent brutal changes the media industry has faced.

Evolution of the media landscape is nothing new. Closures of well-loved and well-known publications have left storytellers (us) in the communication industry with jaws dropped to the floor. One publication after another announced they are shutting down their printers. For good.  

Public relations and media are inextricably linked. They work together to pivot towards success in the face of drastic media landscape changes. That is key to the survival of both disciplines. 

But hey, here’s a thought – let’s remain as nimble as we are won’t we!  

Instead of splitting hairs about the relevancy of the traditional media, let us rather consider how the media landscape hasn’t diminished, but merely shifted 

So let’s instead consider how the opportunity is presenting itself for the media landscape to spread out and diversify. We need to reach more diverse and further niche audiences through multimedia formats. 

Where conversation happens 

Let’s also consider what the word media means.  Media – a noun. The plural form of medium. It is the means whereby communication happen. It can be radio and television, newspapers, magazines, and the internetWe will get to social media, but traditionally this communication reaches or influences people widely. 

So, bear with us here – what is the media a medium of? A message, of course.  

Has the message changed? No, but if the brand requires it to change, we have been trained to easily adapt 

Has the audience changed? No, but if the brand requires it to change, we are also trained to easily adapt 

One last question – is there scope for the medium to change in order to deliver the same message to its defined audience? Yes. And herein lies the acceptance of a changing landscape 

Leave no target behind 

Now that the media landscape has been shaken up, it gives rise to diversification. Tauto correct itself to keep up with the changing times. We live in a world where brands and communication experts can target the message to social media users to the proverbial T.  

The reality is that audiences have become spread out and the choice of whether we’d like to listen to a brand’s message is in our hands. We can choose whether we’d want to pick up a Sunday newspaper or open up our browsers or social media feed to read the electronic copy. We have become used to turning on any channel on DStv we have PVRd to consume our news or entertainment when convenientWe have become comfortable with having a library of entertainment waiting for us on Netflix to choose from. Social media combined all the news we might be interested in. It is curated, and in one scroll.  

We daresay that targeted content on social media and via Google SEO optimisation that pinpoints reach has changed the landscape. Not COVID-19. Possibly not even questionable business management of media organisations. 

Evolution inevitable 

The media currently has carte blanche to pick itself up, identify new opportunities and spread out to reach more diverse audiencesQuality messages work well when carefully packaged within multimedia formats on the one hand in combination with a ‘who says what to whom’ influencer model 

It goes on step further to elicit deeper and richer engagement. These pockets of influential citizens (nano-influencers) use their platform to authentically influence purchasing decision-makers with the same likes, interests and habits as them.  

Iyou’ve done all of the above right, it is the consumers who then spread the message. If they like it. 

Meaningful connections 

At Hatch, we personify perfectionism for this reason. The detail the team goes into, the effort and planning when we create messages, the ownership and pride we apply to everything we do on a daily basis since the consultancy was ‘hatched’ in 2013. It’s all because we know that it is because of the hard work we put into cultivating and maintaining relationships. That right there is worth our goldIt is our currency. It is why we do what we do – to tell authentic stories to real people by activating our real relationships with people we know are worth in gold too.  

You need to continuously create connections with your clients, the media, the people that buy your products and your social communities 

At the end of the day, it is all these innocuous little interactions that builds meaningful connections. It makes us want to get up in the morning and inspire us to tell great stories. 


By Sunet Schoonees, Account Director Hatch Communication


More about Hatch Communication:

Hatch Communication has been founder-run and managed since 2013. We specialise in integrated communication strategies, public relations, social media and content marketing and have an intimate insight into the local media and consumer landscape. We have consistently cultivated our client base from local entrepreneurial brands to industry bodies and global brands. Hatch provides an ideal communication fit for marketing and communication teams seeking to build their brand in South Africa and beyond. 

The unique portfolio of clients we work with allows us to apply a diverse set of communication principles across a range of platforms, both within and beyond the realms of public relations and social media. 

Our highly skilled team often fulfill the role of an in-house communications department, thriving on the many opportunities that this presents. We assist our clients with an array of marketing activities, often overseeing comprehensive projects on their behalf. We do not offer cookie-cutter solutions, but pride ourselves on our systematic, holistic approach to achieving measurable communication results. 

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